Thursday, 25 August 2011

Where does time fly to?!!

The last 10 days seem to have flown by, but so much has gone on here!
Terry's leg seemed to be healing up, but then started going red round the edges. Back to the doctor, who gave him THREE lots of antibiotics and sent him for an x-ray. Off to the hospital...not bad, only had to wait 20 minutes! The results will be 2 weeks though...let's hope it's not broken!!
Hmmm, 3 lots of tablets, all with different admin requirements!
Lot 1: 3 tablets, 4x daily for 3 days...before food
Lot 2: 2 capsules, 4x daily for one day...before food
Lot 3: 1 tablet, 3x daily...after food
Lots 1 & 2 then go to 1 tablet/capsule 4x daily
Lot 3 stays the same throughout...
It took me and my daughter 45 minutes to work out a schedule for them and put them all into a weekly medication box!
We got there in the end and I've set alarms on his phone to remind him! He got them on Monday and seems to be on, so far so good!
I'm not putting any pictures of his leg on here...I think the one I did post was enough!!
He did manage to do a few cuts on the patio side of the garden...the rest will just have to wait until his leg is better. Mind you, it's not like we've had real BBQ weather, is it?!!

This is an old Apple Crate I got last year. It was at the place where my shop was, but I hadn't got over there to pick it up. I gave it a coat of varnish and tried it in the garden with an Angel in it. I might try it with a similar Angel, but she's lying down...
(When the garden's finished, the wall will be cleaned up with a wire brush!)