Wednesday, 27 June 2012

HAPPY ~50th~ TO ME!!

I was 50 last Thursday (yikes!!)
I got thoroughly spoilt and have had an amazing Birthday far!

Terry bought me a new car...
It's a Suzuki Swift and I love it!
It had 18 miles on the clock when we picked it up!

Terry, Dan and ZoƩ clubbed together and bought me a
'Whendi's Bear'...wanted one for about three years!!
Here he is...Mr Spotty!!


We had a BBQ in the was freezing, windy and the middle of JUNE?!!!
People were wearing coats, bodywarmers and 2 people were sitting with FLEECE BLANKETS round themselves!! We soon went indoors...

Terry took me to Cheshire for the weekend...we've got some very dear friends there, Gill and Neil...we had a great time! We went into Manchester and saw the Olympic Torch arrive!

I'm off to Turkey for two weeks today, so see you when I get back...