Monday, 7 May 2012

Newest 'Elaine' Things...

Well, we've got through April Outbursts at last, only to be confronted by May Outbursts as well..let's hope the sun decides to join us soon...Brrrr!!

A Few More of my Favourite 'Elaine' Things...

Just wanted to share my newest things from the fabulous Elaine at Catspaw Primitives (6stringbluesman on e-bay)

Elaine painted these 2 Rolling Pins. The bigger one has a sleeve of fabric, but she did such a good paint job, I had to show it off! I bought the smaller one from the USA, got it sent to Elaine and she painted it for me! It had red handles and a wooden body...what an improvement!!

With the sleeve on...

Some close~ups...

These are some Butter Paddles from the USA...they were all natural wood, so I painted them...with a little inspiration from Elaine!!

I painted these two as well...

Thought I would do a Patriotic set of Butter Paddles in Red, White and Blue!

This is on my kitchen windowsill...Elaine did the blue Spoon, cream Spoon and Butter Paddle...

New Lamp...made in the USA...I just LOVE it!!

Pin Keep made by Karen Shaw at Olde Cottage Primitives...her work is fabulous and I've got lots of her things!

Karen also made these two little Pin Keeps...they look really good with these Bears!

I've had this Sheep for a few years now and his legs started to slip. I mounted him onto a piece of painted wood, which I had painted, sanded and waxed, then made a set of Blocks to sit underneath him!
This is him before...

And after...let's see if anyone decides to copy my idea and
'make it their own'..!!

I've had this Sheep for about 4 years and he would NOT stand up any more...his little legs must have been soooo tired! I mounted him onto wood, which I had painted, sanded and waxed...then added the wheels and pull-string.

These two Sheep were single ones. I glued them together and mounted them onto this piece of wood on wheels. The wood used to have a Bear sitting on it, but he came off and was quite happy sitting with his three friends!

I gave this Doll's High Chair a coat of paint in Robin's Egg Blue. It's given it a new lease of life!

I bought this old Toy Bag from the USA. It was a bit grubby, so I washed it. It came up lovely!

New Set of Shaker Boxes...

And finally, the beautiful Miss Beatrice May Barker, who hopped into this world on Good Friday!! What a little sweetie!

Well, I think that's it for now!
Have a great Bank Holiday Monday!
Love Karen xx