Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Nose Surgery!!

Dolly Bear...or is she Polly Bear...said she wanted her nose to stand out more like Polly's...or is it Dolly's?!
Anyhow, I stitched her a new nose in some darker thread and she was so made up with it, she wanted to show you all...
Is it me or does she look like she's smiling now?!

Well, the sun didn't come out all day after it's short burst this morning...still, all good things are worth waiting for!
Love Karen xx


I won these two Bears on ebay a couple of weeks ago...
They arrived yesterday and I just absolutely LOVE them!
Their tag names are Polly & Dolly!
I weighted their bums with rice, as they were pretty light...
Then found the two Dresses in a local Charity Shop!
The Teensy Eggs in Pans came from Elaine and they arrived on Tuesday...
Polly & Dolly liked them and said they were cute!

I took woodwool out of the Bears and put it in the bottom of my Egg Trug...
I think there are enough Eggs in there for now..!!
Well, the sun was out this morning and then promptly covered by a huge I guess that's it for today! The sun's not quite hot enough to burn off the clouds, so a grey day for us!
Still, Spring IS on the way!
Take care,
Love Karen xx