Wednesday, 3 April 2013


I won these two Bears on ebay a couple of weeks ago...
They arrived yesterday and I just absolutely LOVE them!
Their tag names are Polly & Dolly!
I weighted their bums with rice, as they were pretty light...
Then found the two Dresses in a local Charity Shop!
The Teensy Eggs in Pans came from Elaine and they arrived on Tuesday...
Polly & Dolly liked them and said they were cute!

I took woodwool out of the Bears and put it in the bottom of my Egg Trug...
I think there are enough Eggs in there for now..!!
Well, the sun was out this morning and then promptly covered by a huge I guess that's it for today! The sun's not quite hot enough to burn off the clouds, so a grey day for us!
Still, Spring IS on the way!
Take care,
Love Karen xx

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  1. I love the bears! and their dresses are just too cute! Great finds.