Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Some people....

I don't know about you, but I really don't understand some people...
If I do something that upsets/offends/annoys people, then why don't they just get in touch and ask 'hey, what the heck...'??!! It would make this world a much happier place! No, instead, they have to cop the hump, go snotty and childish and just ignore me!
Well, that's as it may be, but this year a few people have done that to me...and do you know what? I couldn't give a toss! Get on with it, all of you! Go and live your clicky little lives...most of you are two-faced and talk about your so-called 'friends' anyway, so I think you've all done me a favour...GOOD RIDDANCE TO YOU ALL...
Here's an e-mail I received earlier this year...from someone I thought was a 'friend'...oh and excuse the spellings!! (it's just been copied and pasted)

well Karen you have played a blinder this time didn't you. i cant believe you contacted ***** to let her know the things you bought from me that came from her, that was a real bastards trick know wasn't it, you showed your true colours there.
i know in the past you tried to cause trouble with me , ***** and ***** pointing out gifts that had been sold that either ri had bought them for present or they had bought me so know it was your turn with ****** coz it didn't work with ****** and ******
all i can say is that you must have a sad little life to sit and do things like this.
well i have lost a friend of 12 years thanks to you and *** has lost her god mother so you did well give your self a pat on the back.
do not ever contact me again i don't want to know some one as deviace as you, keep going and soon you will have no one.
oh and do not ever talk about me behind my back saying i used you !!! i was never a friend and would never be a friend to some one like you.

Well, wouldn't you be really happy to get an e-mail like that?! Oh and just for the record, the friend of 12 years and the God Mother were not actually lost, it was just a lie to try and make me feel bad!
My old nan used to tell me to choose my friends wisely and not to keep the ones that pulled me down and made me feel bad. Well, when 'friends' behave like that, they actually do the dumping for me, don't they?!
And with 'friends' like that, who needs enemies?!! ROFLMAO...