Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Time for Change!

On Friday, it was 5 weeks since Terry fell off that darned ladder!
Progress report:
Elbow - cut healed, but it now clicks every now and then and makes me jump!
Hip - bruises gone, no further trouble...
Leg Gashes: 1) Became infected (don't panic, no pictures!!)
2) Was red and very swollen
3) Hospital gave antibiotics
3) Doctor gave 2 lots of antibiotics - still red and swollen
4) Doctor gave THREE lots of antibiotics together
5) Still red and swollen - took a swab to the hospital
6) Turns out he had a Staph. A infection
7) Is now on the right antibiotics for 2 weeks!!

Terry went off to France on Friday, fishing for a week, armed with his pills and dressings for his leg. He won't be able to drink while he's away due to the pills...and...when they catch these big ole fish, they jump in the water and pose for pictures...he won't be doing that either! The good thing is, he'll be resting for a week, so it will help his leg heal. He only took 3 days off when it happened and I think that's why it's taken longer to heal. When he's been resting at the weekend, his leg's not been too fingers crossed, this week helps!
It's our 5th wedding anniversary on Friday, but it's postponed until some time next week, as Terry's not back until late Saturday night!!

My son Dan and his girlfriend Danni (yeah, Dan & Dan!!) went off to Ibiza tonight for a few days. The closing parties are this week, so they are now in 28* will be a bit cooler tomorrow, only 27*, then 28* again on Thursday...oh, my heart goes out to them!!  

Last week, I decided that I wanted to change my dining room table and chairs...the ones we had were tall, brown leather-type ones, which made the dining end of the room look really dark. I looked on e-bay and found a set...the only thing was, it was 70 miles away! Ever-impulsive, I drove off to Clacton to get it! When I was on the way, just up the road, I saw 3 Shaker-style chairs outside someone's house...with a note saying 'Free Help Yourself'...forever the junker, I stopped and asked them if I could collect them the next day, which I did!
When I got home with the new table and chairs, I told Terry what I'd got...he thought he had to drive down there to collect it in his van, so was much happier when I told him it was in the car! Anyhow, we took the old table apart and put the new one's a really solid, heavy table and the chairs are quite heavy too...
This is the old set...where they were tall and closed in, I think they made the room look smaller... 

This is the new set...I LOVE IT!!! It has really opened up this end of the room! The Colonial style Chairs came with the table...the ones with the cross on the back are the 'adopted' ones! (the one with the USA flag on it is an adopted one too!) The 3 Dolls on the table and the Penny Runner were made by Kerrie Moody in the USA (simplepleasuresfrommaine on ebay) The USA flag was a birthday present from my friend Fiona. The checked Pillow and matching Runner were made by Maria of The Cinnamon Shack and the flowers, candle and photo on the right are for Dan's dad, John, who sadly died on the 12th of January this year, bless him x

The Chair on the left is the original colour...the one on the right has been sanded and varnished...

The Chair on the right has been doesn't look much different in the picture, but in real life, you can see all the grain and knots in the wood...and it feels sooooo smooth!! I prefer the waxed one, so the varnished one needs to be sanded again and waxed...the one I waxed took TWO days to sand!! There must have been about 15 layers of varnish on them...AND I've got another one to do!!
I was watching Eastenders tonight...and Tanya has got the exact same chairs!!

I bought the sign you can just see in the picture above from says:

'Please Close The Gate
The Penalty Is Forty Shillings
For Leaving This Gate Unlocked'

I think it's superb! It is made of cast iron and weighs 6kg! It's now up on the wall by the gate...of course!

No progress report on the garden...Terry has only done a little bit since I last posted pictures. He did a few cuts and pointed Darcie's side...he'll get it finished when he can. It's SUCH an improvement on how it was before, I'm not worried...and it's so easy to clean up after our Darcie now too!!
Oh, Darcie...she sleeps at the top of the stairs now...and stays there! She doesn't come into the bedrooms or play up. It's like she's guarding us and it's lovely to think that she's upstairs with us! She lays on her own fleece and seems pretty conent there too. Some days I look for her and there she is, at the top of the stairs, snoozing away!

I've got some fabric Pumpkins and Leaves coming from the USA...I got 2 from Karen at Old Cottage Primitives...
They are fab, just like everything Karen makes! Her work is superb! Here they are...

I'll post pictures of the other ones when they arrive...

Well, that's about it for now...hope you are all keeping well and chat soon!
Night night!
Karen xx