Wednesday, 22 August 2012

New Dolls Have Arrived...

The Dolls I bought from klothkinder on e-bay arrived today...
They are just ABSOLUTELY amazing and I just LOVE them to bits!
Three of them are tiny and SO well made!
They are all HAND sewn, even their dresses!
They have all got homes and fit in really well...
I can't wait to see what Barbara makes next!

You can check out Barbara's is:

Barbara is updating her website at the moment, but it should be done by the weekend, so check it out!

Two tiny Dolls in an old Cubby Shelf I got from Elaine in the USA...they look like they were all made to go together!

Little sister has joined the family!

Mum and her baby seem quite at home in my old wooden box...

Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the lovely weather we've been having...make the most of it, it will be gone all too soon!
Love Karen xx