Tuesday, 2 August 2011

August Already?!!

Can't believe August is here already...next thing we know it will be Christmas!!
Wanted to post the new pictures of the garden...Terry worked hard on it yesterday (I pitched in too!)

We collected our Patio Furniture...it's being stored at a friend's house!
We couldn't wait and put the Chimnea together...the Chinese know how to crisp up a duck, but instructions...nah!! We got there in the end...

First Floral Addition! I'm not very green-fingered, so let's see how long it takes me to over-water it, forget to water it or drop it moving it!!

Plum Slate being spread by Mr Rake there! We actually spread it out with our hands, which was easier as you could just place pieces where you wanted them!

View from upstairs...

Same view on the 10th of June!! What a difference eh?! I'm glad I took these pictures, otherwise all the hard work never gets seen!

Who says men ain't artistic?! Eat your heart out Tommy Walsh!!
Do you like the little Mole Terry put in the chimney pot?! And he calls me the soft one!! I think we both wanted to put some bits on there, as it's been a tip for so long!!

My Old Singer Sewing Machine Table!
I've had this for around 20 years and love it! It needs a new coat of paint, as there are rusty bits on it...it will look as good as new!

Edging Blocks being laid...these are for the fake 'grass' to butt up to, which will give it a better finish...can't wait to see the grass laid, it looks so real...and just think...no mowing, no weeding and no watering!!

All the Blocks have been laid...the 2 slabs are for the BBQ to stand on (don't want to ruin the new grass!)
The next step is those 20 bags of sand to go on top of the black stuff and be compressed with a whacker machine...if Terry doesn't dehydrate at work, he said he'll do the sand tomorrow (it's actually tomorrow now, but only 1am, so a bit early to put the whacker on!!)

As you can see, there's been progress made! Terry has had to go to work, plus finish building a toilet/shower block at the lake where he fishes (and put up with my moaning about it!!) AND do the garden! I'm really proud of what he's done, which is what inspired me to do this Blog...
Obviously the things we've put out may not stay where they are, but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please just say so!!

Hope you like the pictures and watch this space...

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