Monday, 8 August 2011

Superman Hits Stanford Le Hope!!

No new pictures to show you...well, not of the garden anyway! Terry had an accident at work on Friday...he fell 6' off a ladder! He landed on his right hip and elbow and gashed his right calf...he was in a right state when he got home! His elbow has got a big hole in it and underneath his forearm there's a big graze. His hip has got a lovely big bruise on it and I had to get my forceps and peel the skin back on his calf! He was in a lot of pain and I was sure he's broken a bone somewhere! So...we trotted (rather hobbled) off to A&E (it took me 3 hours to get him there...he must have been in agony to have gone, but to save face told me 'I only came to stop you nagging'...yeah, right!!) Four hours, 6 x-rays, a tetanus, 2 dressings and antibiotics later, we got home. Thankfully, nothing was broken, but he jarred his whole body and started to stiffen up. Then came the swelling! His right arm was nearly as big as his head and his wrist looked like his thigh! His ankle was really swollen too...poor old thing! He has rested for 3 days, but tried to keep mobile, as he was getting backache. It's been a killer for him to keep still, as he's always doing something! 

This was as his elbow started to swell...note that sexy gown...I don't know how I held myself back!! If you're squeamish, don't look at the next picture!!

I'm glad I peeled the skin back, as it helped it start to heal. We left the dressings off yesterday and it's nearly all scabbed over now. Terry's a diabetic, so we had to be careful...
For the height he fell, I can't believe he didn't do himself more of a mischief, bless him! He was more upset at not being able to go to work and do the garden than he was his injuries!!
So the garden will just have to wait. Mind you, I did say he should just do the pointing and not cut any slabs. He just gave me a look...

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