Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Braided Chair Pads...

Just thought I'd let you know that I found some American Braided Chair England!! I bought some and they arrived yesterday (they use Next Day Delivery Courier) I put them on and they look superb! If you're interested in Prim up your kitchen chairs, then ring
Nicola on 01942-290140
They come in different colours, but as they are made of a mix of colours anyway, there's not a lot of difference!
They are as cheap as chips...£4.00 for TWO!!! (obviously plus postage!)
Have a look and see what you think...
I've shown them on 2 different sized chairs that I've got...

This is a close~up, so you can see the colours...

I've only ever seen them in the USA and as they are pretty heavy, they would cost a fortune to get shipped the tax if they got stopped at customs!
Another little purchase that I'm made up with this week...hee hee!!!
Chat soon,
Love Karen xx


  1. Pretty chair pads~ Pretty chairs~

  2. Love the chair pads - the colors in them are warm and pretty!
    Best wishes