Wednesday, 7 September 2011

And nearly another one!!

I can't believe how fast the weeks are flying by! The kids are back at school, the Summer that never started is well and truly over, with rain and gale force winds, the nights are drawing in...and everywhere you look there's either Pumpkins, Witches or Christmas starting already!! It's enough to depress anyone!
Terry hasn't managed to do much more in the garden...his leg is healing well (hardly surprising...he was taking 5 lots of antibiotics at one time!!) But when he gets home from work, his leg's been swollen, so I've made him sit on the sofa resting it. Plus the rain hasn't helped and when his leg has been ok, the weather's been crap!! I'm beginning to think that maybe we will be having barbecued turkey this year and sit on the patio with our dinner & crackers!!
He's off to France for a week's Fishing next Friday, so hopefully his leg will be alright for him to go...when the bloke books it, he doesn't take out any insurance, so if he can't go, he'll lose his money, unless he can find someone to go at the last minute. If he can't go, he'll be will I, as he loves it and needs the rest (and the week away from me LOL!!!)
I've just bought an old Railway Sign for the will be here early next week...maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but I love it!

I'm not sure if it's an original looks like it, but these days it's hard to tell old from new!! I know it's a bit wacky to have in the garden, but then that's should see my house!!
I want to make the garden rustic/country/quirky, so am on the lookout for things...if anyone sees anything they think I'd like, give me a shout!!
I've seen some old enamel Signs in the USA, so might get a couple of those...
Watch this space!!
I've got a few goodies coming from the USA...not loads, just a little 'Retail Therapy' to keep me going! This is what's coming:
Toy Washtub and Washboard
Tiny Tin Pail
Tiny Shoo Fly and Pan
Wooden Masher
Toy Dustpan
And an old Photo of a Homestead
These are all coming from my friend Elaine...she gets old things and makes them look like 'old~new'...check her out...she sells on ebay under the name
6stringbluesman ...
I've got LOADS of her things at home, they are all unique and I love them!!
Elaine has a passion for old Dough Bowls...her painting is excellent!!
Can't wait to get it now...I'm like a kid at Christmas when I get a box from America!!
I've also got a fabric bag coming, which is's a Potato Bag for the microwave...I'll let you know what it's like. Did you know, apparently, when you bake a potato in the oven, when the skin gets crispy, it turns into sugar 300% MORE than if you do them in the microwave...Terry is diabetic and we never knew that!! Geesh, you think you're eating healthily LOL!!! I bought some Coasters too, so will post pictures when they get's been 10 days now, so they should arrive any day...yippee!!
Off to town now to get something for dinner...then run the hoover round...Darcie is shedding her Summer coat, so it's back to hoovering more than once a day now!! Still, not as bad as when she sheds her Winter coat...I was doing it FOUR times a day!!
Oh, check her out...she's such a doll...

I tell you, if she was human, she would have such a wicked sense of humour! You should see the things me and ZoƩ do to her...I'll post some more pictures later...
Got to dash, so bye for now! xx

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