Thursday, 1 September 2011

Another week gone by!!

Firstly, no new garden pictures...Terry's leg has been too bad for him to do anything out there. He's been going to work, as he's self-employed, but when he gets home, I've made him rest. The swelling and redness have gone down, so taking the next TWO lots of antibiotics the doctor gave him on Tuesday, it should be much better by next week...if it's not, the doc said he's going to refer Tel to a specialist...

So...another week gone by and one nearer to Christmas! I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. It's coming up to a sad time for son's dad found out on the 22nd of this month that he had cancer. Sadly, he died on January 12th...bless him x

I wanted to brighten up my lounge/diner...Most of my Prims are in the dining room end and it was looking really dark. One idea I thought of was to Shabby up my dresser. It's dark wood, so with dark Prims on = dark, dark!! I got 2 tins of cream paint, mixed them together, emptied one shelf at a time and painted the back of the dresser. I'm pleased with how it turned out...and hubby and the kids like it too...bonus!!
Here are before and after pictures...

We're having Sky installed on Saturday...everyone's been raving about how good it is, what you can do, how much better it is than Virgin, so we've signed up for had better be as good as people say!! ZoƩ's not very happy, as she like the Virgin for the 'Series Catch-up'...ah, well, you can't please them all LOL!!!
I've got to give the cupboard where the TV boxes are a bit of a clean before then! Dust...gets everywhere! Plus Darcie's moulting her Summer coat, so the floors are getting a bit hairy at the moment! Still, it's NOTHING like when she shed her Winter coat...I was hoovering 3-4 times a day!!
Have a great weekend...

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