Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Work Re-commences...

Well, work has actually re-commenced on the garden! What with Terry's leg, the weather and one thing and another, it came to an abrupt halt and nothing else got done! Terry got home early today and has been outside, angle grinder screaming like a Banshee and clouds of dust to make the neighbours want to kill us!! (Before he started, I did check to make sure no-one had any washing out!)

This was how it got left, prior to abandonment of said stepladder...

And this is how it looks now...the black roll thing is the astro-turf! (and no, that's not the new patio set!)

This is the view from the bathroom window...what a difference!

This is a close-up of the drain's got catches at the sides, so it can be lifted off if needed, but it's now flush with the patio. It was a special one Tel bought to bring it up to the same height as the patio...

Tomorrow, Tel will bed the slabs in...he hosed the garden down to get rid of all the dust and they were too wet to do it tonight...once that's done, he can get all the pointing finished...and we can get the patio set out...better late than never! His kids will be over with their kids on Bonfire Night, so at least it will actually get used before full-blown Winter LOL!! Hey, we've got the Chimnea as well, so it won't be too cold!

I saw some goodies that Karen Shaw of
Olde Cottage Primitives
had made...I just had ZERO resistance of her little Homestead Doll...I HAD to have her...NEEDED is more like it!
She arrived this morning and I'm sooooo glad I got her, she is just way too adorable for words...and she smells soooo yummy!! I haven't taken a picture of her yet, but here's the picture Karen took...
Isn't she just beautiful?!! And she's just the right size to 'tuck in' places! 

I've got LOADS of Karen's things...her work is just perfect!

This is a Prairie Doll with her little Horse...

Here are a few more things on her Blog...check it out when you get a minute...

Callie Dolls...

Curly Stem Stout Pumpkins...

All lovely, but these have to be my favourite of her Autumn Goodies...
Pumpkin Head Dolls...

I've got this picture as my screensaver and I love it! Hats off to the gal who designed them, but hats off again to Karen, they look just absolutely

Last week, I bought (yet) another Penny Runner from Kerrie!
Simple Pleasures from Maine...
It arrived yesterday and is another piece of FAB work-woman-ship!! That makes 9 of Kerrie's Penny Runners I have now...yeah!!

I also bought a couple of things from Elaine...needed a fix!!

Christmas Tins...

Early Tiny Bucket...I bought one, EXACTLY the same as this, from Pam in Georgia 5 years ago...and have NEVER seen another one like them!

Child's go with my 50 others!!

Goat's Milk Tin...this one will have a Christmas Label on the back, so it can stay out all year round...yippee!!

These are on the way...Elaine posted them on Saturday, so they should be here early next week...can't wait to see them now!
I think I need to put my Shopping Sessions on hold now...I have enough in my house to open a museum! Mind you, I don't think you can ever have too many Prims now, can you?!
Off to watch Mount Pleasant now!
Take care and see you soon!
Love Karen xx

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  1. Am glad that Terry's leg is better and you can re-start work on your patio!

    Delighted you love your new little doll, thanks for the plug, nice pics! LOL